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Compost Fertilizer Machine



    We manufacture our machines in KG, not Liter. This gives you 4 times more capacity per Liter.



    The machines you buy from Octoen benefit from all improvements and updates free of charge during the warranty period. We offer cooperation, not just machinery.



    The machines we call the 3rd Generation have full automation and complete the fertilizer production in 6 – 12 hours. 4 times faster than existing machines. It saves energy by switching to sleep mode after fertilizer.



    Our automation system, produce fertilizer according to the desired parameters.



    Our machines work completely odorless. All system has automatic filter.



    Our machines have a one-button operation feature. Any interface, without the need for a screen, is activated with a single button.



    Thanks to the integrated shredder and vacuum mixing, our machines do not need additional shredders.



    While our machines have 4 times more capacity than equivalent machines, they take up 60% less space.

  • Daha Pratik


    Our machines do not need an external waste line or water supply line. Most of our systems run on 220V electricity.

  • Daha Yaygın


    Our machines are suitable for different climates and soil types in 4 continents (America, Asia, Europe, Africa). They are designed to meet his needs.

We Protect Our World with Compost Fertilizer Machine

On-site recycling of kitchen waste is a value-adding process that offers significant economic and social benefits.

Kitchen waste is a relatively single waste product compared to household waste. Not only is the sorting of such waste easy, but the products obtained after separation have a higher added value.

After the plastic, metal, etc. products in the waste are separated; the remaining material consists mainly of starch, cellulose, protein, and fibers. It also contains small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. The valuable biomass that is produced at the end is used as high-quality compost fertilizer.

At the end of this whole recycling process, the prevention of secondary pollution, the elimination of waste transport and storage costs, and the transformation into a usable commercial product is a real gain in terms of economic and environmental awareness.

On-site waste recycling reduces the spread of bacterial diseases and provides a healthier and more comfortable work environment.

Waste sorting habit at work helps individuals to have the same habit in their lives outside of work.

We Protect Our World

We Protect
Our World

How Does the Compost Fertilizer Machine Work?

OCTO Organics Commercial Composters use microbes and heat to transform food waste into nutrient-rich soil in only 24 hours. The continuous process makes it easy to add food waste throughout the day, with compost unloaded weekly.



OCTO Organic Commercial Composters speed up the natural composting process to a 24 hour, au- tomated, and energy-efficient technology.


The composting chamber has internal rotating arms for mechanical agitation and an oil jacket for heating.

Ayrıştırma Odası


Our units use naturally occurring microbes to compost organic waste in 24 hours, and achieve a reduction of 80-90%


The temperature of the tank is raised to high temperatures to eliminate harmful bacteria.



Vented airflow ensure aerobic digestion which prevents methane (odours) and minimises other odours associated with the composting process (earthy smell).

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We Are Polluting
Our World Fast

Mountains of Garbage

Mountains of Garbage

We Cook And Waste Far Above Our Need

We Cook And Waste Far Above Our Need

We Separate The Garbage

We Separate The Garbage

Recycling Will Save The World

Recycling Will Save The World

Zero Waste For a Better World

While the world offers unique living resources and natural beauties to human beings, humanity is mercilessly destroying this unique world they breathe in. If the world is destroyed, man and all living things will perish. Everyone is aware of this fact, but still, human beings selfishly become victims of their ego and greed. We shop far beyond our needs, consume more and waste a lot of it.

Annual food waste in Turkey has exceeded 300 billion liras. This dire picture reveals the necessity of implementing various policies in this area and taking mandatory measures for awareness. The Zero Waste Project, which stands out among these measures, both contributes to Turkey's economy and makes a difference as an approach that protects the environment by preventing wastage and using resources more efficiently.

Today, many recyclable resources are wasted, leading to wastage of energy and resources. Waste, which is one of the most important factors affecting not only the environment but also the country's economy, is transformed into reusable resources with the Zero Waste project. Due to the deterioration in the balance of the world and the increasing need for limited resources, each country has its own recycling projects. The Zero Waste project is among the very important and valuable projects that set an example for all countries of the world and ensure the reuse of natural resources.

Continuing its activities in Turkey and North America, OCTO INDUSTRY aims to eliminate the transportation cost and storage problem of garbage, with the conversion provided as organic fertilizer with recycling machines of various capacities, which achieve the most efficient result among the existing recycling machine systems and work with plug and play logic.

Waste Conversion Machines

Waste Conversion Machines


  • Plug and Play

  • No Water Supply Line in Old Machines

  • No Waste Line in Old Machines

  • One-Touch Operation, No Interface, and No Settings

  • Ultra-High Reduction (95% - 98%)

  • Fully Automated, No User Control Required

  • Ultra Small Size (60% Smaller Compared to Equivalents)

  • Low Operating Cost

  • No Service Needed.