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Our waste machines can be purchased from the packaging way, offering a healthier and healthier life.

Our company, which has been producing for many years on defence industry, medical and advanced technology products, started to work on recycling machines with the mission of contributing to recycling and environmental awareness, producing solutions in the field of organic recycling and eliminating the need for imported fertilizers, using its ongoing sectoral experience. Our company, which follows up-to-date technologies on recycling systems around the world. In addition to standard products, it develops solutions according to needs Many systems are installed by our company, from recycling wastes to fertilizer, biogas and electricity production.

Our machines, which we call third generation waste recycling machines. Unlike other machines, it provides a unique ease of use. With the logic of plug and play, you can dispose of all food waste with or without bones in our machines, which are activated with a single button, without distinction. The automation system, which detects the density of the discarded waste, starts the fermentation process according to the type of waste. It completes the decomposition process with 95% efficiency at the end of the specified hour by heating, dewatering, antibacterializing with UV-C and decomposing the waste with microbial bacteria between 6 and 12 hours, silently and without requiring the user. It performs odorless separation thanks to the Hepa filter. The resulting waste is 100% organic and compost fertilizer with rich content. Compared to equivalent machines, it has low energy consumption and is 70% smaller, and unlike other machines, it does not require any water inlet or discharge line, and its operation with 220 V electricity reduces construction and operating costs during and after installation. The system does not require constant maintenance and operator participation like other machines. It can be easily transported and used for breaking pieces etc. Without having to deal with problems, it provides your business with low operating costs and zero waste.