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Model: ECO-05KS Household
Control System: Auto Detection Decomposition Method: Microbial Decomposition
Decomposition Capacity: 5 kg/Day Conversion Rate: >95%
Useful Life of Fertilizer: 6-12 Months Size (LxWxH, cm): 31*29*38
Voltage: 220 V Max. Power: 65 W
Net Weight: 16.8 kg Attachment: Fertilizer Box Included
Power Consumption: About 1 kwh/Day

What Can Be Processed?

Leftover Food
Meat, Fish, Poultry
Vegetable & Fruit Peels
Bakery Items
Egg Shells
Leaves & Gardening Waste
Fast Food
Animal Manure

Machine Display

Makine Detayları
Makine Detayları
Makine Detayları
Makine Detayları
Makine Detayları
Makine Detayları

Machine Details

Product Cover Section

There are power key and deodorization key. The power key controls the operation of the machine. And when the odor is strong, press the deodorization key to turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Deodorization System

At the beginning of use, the machine can be placed in the ventilation place, long-press the deodorization key, the system will automatically remove the odor thrpungh the exhaust hole.