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The substance that contains the minerals necessary for the nutrition of the plants and regulates the physical and chemical structure of the soil and enables the plants to be fed more easily from the soil is called fertilizer. Manure that is made from animal waste, fossils and similar natural ways is called organic fertilizer.

As a result of scientific researches, it has been determined that the excessive increase in the use of nitrogen fertilizers in agricultural areas causes an increase in nitrate and nitrite in the foods produced, and the risk of developing cancer increases in the people who eat these foods. For this reason alone, the use of chemical fertilizers is prohibited in many European countries.

Chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides thrown into the soil not only harm harmful insects, but also harm and kill birds, other harmless insects and beneficial microorganisms in the environment.

With the components in organic fertilizers, it gives resistance to the soil and the plant. It increases the yield of products.

In our country, depending on the regional conditions and the crop planted in the past years, the fertilizer needs of the soils differ. For this reason, before the fertilization process, "Soil analysis" was not done by taking samples from the soil, and then "Fertilizer analysis" should be done for the organic fertilizer to be used. If there is any missing fertilizer depending on the needs of the plant planned to be produced, only the missing part should be completed with package fertilizer.

However, according to the researches carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, according to the analysis of approximately 140,000 soils, except for the Black Sea Coasts and Northern Thrace regions, which receive heavy rainfall in Turkey, the soils of our country are High Lime, High Ph and very poor in terms of Organic Matter, and they also partially contain Phosphorus and Potassium. It was determined that it was too much but could not be taken. In addition, deficiencies of Iron and Zinc were determined in terms of trace elements.