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Using organic fertilizers has many benefits for agriculture, nature, farmers and consumers.

  • Organic fertilizer increases the growth rate of the plant by increasing the cell division in the plant. the plant yields earlier.
  • Of course, with fertilization, the porous structure and water holding capacity of the soil increases, and the resistance of plants and soil against drought increases.
  • By forming a dense fibrous structure on the soil surface, it prevents water from flowing and evaporating independently from the soil surface, so the plant needs less water.
  • A soil is formed that is more resistant to the danger of erosion.
  • The plant gains resistance against harmful pests and insects.
  • It also makes the soil fertile thanks to the minerals necessary for the soil in the organic fertilizer.
  • It increases the air and water permeability of the soil and makes it structured in furda.
  • Organic fertilizer darkens the color of the soil, so the soil absorbs more sunlight.
  • Contains macro nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in a balanced manner.
  • It distributes the amount of nitrogen given to the soil to the plant in a balanced way.
  • Enriches the soil bacteriologically.
  • It dissolves the lime that the water cannot dissolve, and the carbon dioxide released as a result of the melting is used in photosynthesis. (valid for sulfur-reinforced organic fertilizers)
  • Converts the iron in the soil into a form that the plant can take.